Hair Fatigue

Whenever I see new clients part of the consultation is to find out which styling products they use and hair care regimen. One of the statements I hear often is that their styling products at some point stopped working. Well styling products don't just stop working, especially if it's the same formula. This is what I call hair fatigue, meaning the hair is tired and can be worn down from every day styling tools, heat, and yes even your curl styling products. 

Understand many styling products that are designed for hold, control, and definition have a ph as high as 8. From edge control to styling foams, creams, and gels. They give the results you want but the higher the ph it can cause porosity of the hair to rise which leads to hair fatigue and you began to see less results in terms of styling. Your curls may not respond the same or your silkpress may not be holding up as well or have the body and it once had. 

When the porosity of the hair is raised meaning it becomes higher, then the hair strand is even more open, the moisture levels drop, eventually protein is loss resulting in the hair becoming weak and fatigued and it will seem as if your products are not working. If not corrected it will lead to hair breakage. 

This is why our Silkening Treatment is so important to a healthy hair regimen because it corrects the porosity and rebalances the moisture and protein levels all in one single use application. We recommend it every 10-12 weeks to keep hair in perfect balance. It last this long because it is not a surface conditioner. It is intense molecular repair that works deep inside the strand and last longer that "deep conditioners" that use common ingredients with molecules to large to penetrate the strand but sit on top of the hair and feels soft when on the hair but after one shampoo and style it's gone. 


Our salon customers expressed that once they received this treatment in the salon they experienced their styling products to work better than before. Why, because your hair style results is only as good as the condition of your hair. If your hair is damaged you can't camouflage it with heavy oils, butters, braids, or other styles.

Correcting the condition of the hair fixes the problem inside the strand for truly better styling results.