Edge Control... Good or Bad

For years women have been in search of the best product to help control their hairline, also known as edges. Which happens to be the more weaker area of the hair. Its generally softer and finer hair yet unruly at time. We've seen a lot of negative talk about these products and decided to share or professional take. 

Edge styling products are not necessarily bad for the hair as with many products. In general it tends to be the application or misuse of the product that causes the hair break. Many are wanting sleeker looks so they pile on lots of product daily which can lead to build up and clog follicles and lead to thinning. Second many are over stretching the hair with the amount of tension used to secure their style via wrap, ponytail holder, or clips. The hair is not designed to be held down for long periods of time, this can cause a subtle breakdown in the texture of the hair causing it to slowly break over time. Last and not least you want a moisture based product that doesn't dry the hair out. Over affixing the hair can literally take the life out of it and leave it dry, dull, and brittle. 

Our Slay, argan oil moisture based edge control goes on moist and dries with a matte finish, meaning you will have a medium hold without the greasy finish and look. It also adds moisture to any style. Remember less is more and reduce the amount of tension used when smoothing hair the hair line especially curly textures, it may just define your curls leaving smooth waves.  A little texture never hurt nobody.  Embrace it.

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