Bond repair in hair care is essential for restoring and maintaining healthy hair. Understanding hair bonds - disulfide, hydrogen, and salt bonds - is important so that you understand how the different bonds affect the hair. Disulfide bonds provide strength and shape, hydrogen bonds contribute to elasticity and moisture, and salt bonds affect porosity. Reinforcing these bonds through regular care and treatments ensures the health of the hair is maintained. Disruption of bonds can sometimes lead to damage like dryness, split ends, and breakage and also a change in the structure of the strand some temporarily and some permanent.

Disulfide bonds determine the shape and the strength of the hair, they are broken permanently when chemicals are introduced to relax, perm, bleach, or permanently color the hair. Does broken bonds mean damage? No it simply means you have rearranged the bonds so that hair can take on new characteristics. You can also reinforce the bond once it is restructured to restore health. These changed in the hair are permanent and cannot be reversed. Broken bonds that are not restored or reinforced can be a precursor to damage hair.

Hydrogen bonds affect the elasticity and moisture in the hair which adds softness and flexibility, these bonds are temporary and are affected by styling products and heat. When water is introduced to the hair it temporary softens the bond and the drying or shaping of that hair resets a new bond. Simply put each time moisture is reintroduced to the hair it will naturally revert to its original state unless the hair has been treated with chemicals to keep it from reverting. An example of this is a wash and set, blowout, or silk press. Hydrogen bonds need to be reinforced from time to time to maintain elasticity and moisture in the hair.

Salt bonds control the porosity of the hair which is greatly affected by chemicals and pH of products. The porosity is the hairs ability to absorb and retain moisture in the hair, but if the hair porosity is to high it won’t retain moisture and if it is to low it won’t let any moisture in. A normal porosity is one in which can absorb and retain just enough moisture to keep the hair balanced and healthy.

Porosity can become unbalanced from the use of chemicals, the elements of nature, heat, and styling products. Pretty much everything we do affects the porosity of the hair. The key is consistent care and keeping the bonds reinforced.

Not all bond treatments are created equal, although popular many brands only address particular bonds with artificial ingredients that can act as a band-aid and not repair. SilkOut System is designed to address repair at three levels. Starting form the top our Smoothing System offers the ultimate in molecular repair for the treatment of all three bonds and is powered by sugarcane cysteine which is the most natural and powerful bond repair for hair that rebuilds from the inside out and available for professional use only. The next level of care is HydrapHx Molecular Bond Therapy is used as a intermediate repair treatment that offers salon quality but also the most powerful repair available for use at home. It addresses all three bonds in the hair as well, correcting porosity, strength, and moisture and can help reinforce hair or use as a maintenance between any of the our customized salon treatments. Our Hydrabond Balance Wash and Conditioner is infused with amino acids that offer bond reinforcement of the hydrogen and salt bonds to maintain the health of the hair for daily, weekly usage and in between your more intense repair to ensure your a keeping your hair in best health.

Consistent care is and quality bond repair products are key for healthiest of hair.

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