Hair Loss vs Damaged Hair


We recently made one of our premium condition treatments available for at home use. When we say premium it means it has the finest salon grade ingredients that helps to heal, restore, and correct the porosity. All which stops breakage and corrects moisture levels resulting in protection, length retention, and better curl cooperation and silkier silk press

But when we say we repair damaged hair it often gets confused with fixing hair loss. Any time you see one strand in a comb we subconsciously ask ourselves, is my hair shedding? Well...


Hair loss can come in many forms, some mechanically from external factors like styling, chemicals, lack of care.  Then other forms are internal in which your body is releasing hair at the follicle for some unknown reason and the follicle is being affected by some other internal imbalances within your body. Since you cannot treat the unknown it's best you seek professional help to get to the root of the problem. A trichologist or dermatologist can support you with a series of test to discover what's causing the challenge within your body and help you find a solution.

Damaged hair is generally identified by dryness, shedding, or breakage caused by some external factors like heat damage, chemical damage, over manipulation, overuse of alkaline products without rebalancing the hair and general wear and tear.

Some damaged hair can lead to hair loss if the damage is not repaired in time. When the hair is slowly shedding from damage and it is not treated, you will lose more strands which will make the area where there is damage to through the ends look thin. This then will require a cut to remove what's left of the damaged hair so the healthier hair can remain strong and strive. Once we begin to repair and heal the hair then the goal is to keep the strands in optimum health. This is how you protect your hair and retain length.


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