SilkOut Hair Care System's Hair Tips for Textured Hair

Hair is a huge part of the culture of African American women and for some has always been a topic of conversation.  For some style and versatility and pain for others. But for many, it's a way that women of color express themselves. Most people believe that hair is simply just hair but in the African American community, it has been a representation of culture, beliefs, and personality.

You will find multiple types of hair textures in women of color from waves to curls to coils. Without the right care, textured hair may become over-styled and easily damaged. The tighter the coil the more delicate the strand can be. 

Here are some tips on how to manage textured hair.

TIP #1:

It is important to wash your hair weekly. Stay away from shampoos with harsh sulfates. A gentle moisturizing shampoo such as Balance Wash is a gentle way to cleanse without stripping the hair of its natural oils. 

TIP #2:

Water is essential to our hair and bodies on the inside and outside. Drinking lots of water throughout the day helps every part of your body including your hair.

TIP #3:

Deep conditioning restores the natural protein found in hair and should be done once or twice a month. At SilkOut Hair Care System, we offer you two products to condition your hair; Revive for strength and KeraMask for moisture. When the hair is deficient in either it becomes unbalanced, weak and subject to breakage.

TIP #4:

Even in our sleep, we must ensure we are taking care of our hair. While sleeping, we toss and turn and cause friction against the pillow. To avoid breakage, tangling, and loss of natural oil, it is best to remove any hair ties or bands and use silky fabrics to protect hair from friction during our sleep.

TIP #5:

Even with proper care, hair can break from everyday styling and wear and tear. In addition to proper care and conditioning, it is always best to trim the ends on a regular basis to keep it healthy.

No matter your hair type, hair can be used to express confidence, pride, and personal style. Take good care of your hair so you can show it off every day. 

Be sure to check out SilkOut Hair Care System's product line to learn about the additional tools available to help care for your hair.

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Hello Tammy,
Thank you for this amazing system and products. I need to maintain my silkout treatment, but need balance shampoo. When can I purchase balance shampoo?

Boma October 07, 2023

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