It's Taming Season... you've got options!

Texture and Taming Options 

Hair can be one of the most important parts of your appearance and sets the tone of your entire look. It makes you feel confident to face the people around you and express yourself. And more so than having a great style but even more, having beautiful healthy hair adds the icing to the cake. 

While we understand the complexity of textures that can be found in society, many customers still desire the option to alter theirs in some form to give them better functionality and the manageability they desire.

We are elated to have created a system in which professionals can offer gentle and safe options and a variety of solutions to manage texture that can be totally customized for each client and it is  keratin and relaxer free.

Our Taming cream is made of botanical-based ingredients that offer natural solutions to safely alter curls, control frizz and works excellent with color services.

Our key ingredients are sugarcane cysteine, alpha hydroxy, and amino acids These ingredients work to rebuild the hair internally and restores moisture and the porosity of the hair. It also  strengthens the bonds, softens the strands, and seals the cuticle safely. All while being formaldehyde and fume free.

What’s  unique about our treatment is that it has the added benefit of restoring weak and broken bonds. So no matter the technique, with each use you are strengthening the strands and restoring balance from the inside out for optimum health.

Our goal is to empower salon professionals to embrace textured clients confidently with a system proven to deliver consistent results.

SilkOut Curl Softening

For curly girls who don't want to remove their curls but want more definition and less frizz, and takes the edge off of your curls. No flat iron is used in this technique and it lasts about 8-12 weeks. This is a great alternative to a texturizer or tex-lax and is safe for the hair.


SilkOut Taming Treatment

This technique is our general smoothing technique that offers hair restoration, smoothing of the cuticle, gentle softening to help the hair be more manageable, and resist humidity for longer lasting silk press or blowout services with the added benefit of curl definition. This treatment lasts 3-4 months with regular maintenance and refreshing.


Option 3

Maximum Reduction (Relaxer Alternative)

For those who are not worried about the curl pattern, want maximum control with their hair and want to see a visible difference, the Maximum Curl Reduction technique is recommended as it is a major texture shift technique for someone that is considering returning to a relaxer. It will not make the hair bone straight, it softens texture 50-70% depending on the density. This gives extreme resistance to humidity, great for athletes or active lifestyles but still restores the strands, adding lots of body and natural shine to the hair. 


Restorative Cocktail

This customized treatment rebalances and restores everything that’s missing inside the hair. Anywhere your hair is lacking protein is like having holes in the hair and it’s going to start to become weak and dry. Each application is customized to meet each individual customer's needs at the time of service. We recommend this service for new customers who have not been to the salon for some time as it ensures the hair is healthy enough to deliver the expected results from the salon service. This treatment is also a great refresher for those who have received any of our softening or curl reducing services to restore the balance in the hair. It lasts 6- 8 weeks in the hair, and helps extend the life of our other treatments. The restorative cocktail is not going to make the hair any straighter but it’s just going to rebalance and replenish the moisture, protein, and balance the porosity of the hair. .


SilkOut 911 Hair Rehab

This is our newest option for extremely damaged hair that allows strengthening deep inside the hair to stop breakage in its tracks. This treatment is also customized based on the severity of damage, and balanced with our KeraMask. 

All of these services are for professional use only and are performed by our certified SilkOut Pros. If your stylist is not using our system, you can share this info with them. If you need professional support with your hair, visit our Salon Locator to find an expert near you.

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I’m always interested in providing my “natural” hair with proper nourishment needed. However, I’m not a salon professional.

Let’s face it, many salon professionals will not invest in the best products for their customers/clients. For this reason, many of us have made the decision to completely embrace our “natural “ hair.

Are you not open to selling your products to the public? If not, I will be forced to unsubscribe all future emails. I can’t convince salon professionals to purchase your products.

Vanessa McAlpine June 05, 2022

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