LOC or LCO Methods???

The internet is full of does and don'ts, magic and methods, and potions and lotions regarding caring for your natural hair. Honestly it's not that difficult. But the mystic behind getting your curls to cooperate and remain moisturized is rooted in the lack of education behind the science of hair. 

Everyone one want's to launch the next magic potion or create a recipe that is better suited for stomach than on top of your hair, but that's another post. 

In my 32 years of servicing customers natural or relaxed all of my techniques were based on using products that work in conjunction with the science of hair. We use protein to strengthen the hair, moisture to soften, and oil as either a nourishing, finishing or styling agent.

I see so many post about locking in moisture and sealing ends... I'm sure consumers are confused. So I decided to share scientifically why much of this is nonsense.

Liquid, cream, and oil... in what order should you apply them? Or should you? First, what are they.

Liquid would represents moisture which is water based and can have moisturizers and oils in them.

Oil is a lubricant and helps with the manageability styling and creates slip and has nourishing properties. Oil does not moisturize the hair and is often misused as moisture when the hair appears dry.

Creams are a combination of oil and water that has been emulsified and blended with other ingredients to stabilize the mixture so that the oil and water do not separate.

The proper way to moisturize hair is through deep conditioning, correcting the unbalances and then when styling using a liquid and or cream leave in conditioner or conditioning styling agent to your liking.

Another myth that's confusing is that oils seals the ends. WRONG. Oils coat the hair, but in order to seal the cuticle you need products designed to do so with polymers. Oils do not seal. The coat the hair and can cause dehydration of the hair because it builds up and prevents hair from absorbing moisture. 

Moisture is held in the hair when the protein levels in the hair are full and the internal structure of the hair can retain moisture and the porosity is balanced which lowers the cuticle to protects the hair. 

If the condition of your hair is deficit or moisture and protein then the hair will become porous, dry, and weak. Oil scientifically cannot correct this. You need strength first, moisture to balance, and oil for nourishment, viscosity, and finishing when styling hair.

None of these guru methods are proven and cannot defy the science of hair. 

Our mission at SilkOut System is to educate you and give your the facts about hair care so that you can remove the guess work and stop experimenting with your precious hair. 

Comment if you have used any of these methods and what were your results.

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Thank you for the clarification.

Quaneshia December 01, 2022

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