Taming Texture

SilkOut System professional taming treatment is the epitome of hair care. and texture management. Why would someone's hair need taming? Good question, well not everyone is comfortable with dealing with their hair in its natural state no matter the curl pattern. In fact I have seen more damage on customers with untreated hair that is matted, tangled, and without proper care the hair's porosity becomes unbalanced causing the hair to be unmanageable to some.

Its two-in-one function offers multiple customizable treatments to restore, rebuild, and restructure strands without the use of harsh chemicals or formaldehyde omitting ingredients.

Our formaldehyde free formula is gentle and has botanical based ingredients to offer safer alternatives to managing texture but also rebuilds and strengthens the hair at the same time… often referred to as a miracle. While we’d like to think hair care is some type of magic, we know its foundation is scientific and that’s what helps  SilkOut System deliver the results that stylists and their customers are enjoying.

Traditional methods of straightening hair involved very permanent options with harsh ingredients that could cause damage to skin and hair if not used properly. For women of color, relaxers were the go-to in the 70’s and 80’s. By the 90’s hair styles began to evolve and women began embracing their natural texture and many ditched their permanent straighteners for multiple reasons, one of which was to discover what their actual curl pattern looked like. I myself transitioned to natural in the early 2000’s but quickly remembered why I had a relaxer in the first place. For me it was ease of style, but I loved the option and feel of my natural texture. So for years I relaxed my hair, enjoyed my pixie cuts, etc. and then decided I wanted my natural curls again so I did a big chop and started over.

There was always the option to texturize curly hair, a technique (not a product) that was designed to soften curls using a relaxer product but reducing the timing to ensure all of the texture was not removed. Well, this would work great for some but not so great for others. Why? Because the results were different on each curl type and unpredictable. I remember a client bringing me an ad with a picture of a woman's curls and saying I want a texturizer to give me this look. I explained to her that her starting point was not as tight as the woman in the picture. The model had naturally coily hair and the texturizer technique gave her more open curls. My client's hair didn’t have much curl pattern but it was thick and frizzy. The texturizer technique was only going to smooth her frizz, not add curls to her hair. 

By 2010, I was introduced to “keratin treatments”. As a stylist I was extremely impressed with the condition and manageability I was able to offer my clients. In general keratin treatments are not straighteners, they are designed to add keratin to the hair strand for strength and seal the cuticle to reduce frizz, give the hair a straightened appearance, reduce styling times, and gently reduce curls or waves for more manageable hair. It worked great and allowed many of my clients to transition from relaxers to a more gentler product and it allowed them to wear more color services and increase the wear time of the straight hair services. Textured hair can be limited with color and relaxer services. You can push the envelope with shorter styles but relaxers, length, and lighter level colors on naturally dark hair is rarely a success and requires the utmost care. 

The cons of these treatments were the exposure to formaldehyde that became a public issue for consumer safety. In my quest to give my clients the best options for their hair I used many of the top industries smoothing and taming systems. One thing I found that was missing in these treatments was an element of moisture and suppleness for highly textured hair types. I didn’t say race, because multiple textures can be found across many races. As a former educator for many top professional companies, I always remained a student of my craft so between my knowledge and years of experience I knew how to compensate for this but I wanted to have a product that encompassed it all.

In 2015 I introduced my clients to what became known as the SilkOut System Taming Treatment. I manufactured a product that offered all the benefits that I was getting with keratin treatments but with more moisture, ph balancing, and botanical based ingredients. Unlike traditional keratin treatments SilkOut System’s Taming Treatment uses a premium protein blend that has a low molecular weight and penetrates the internal strand to strengthen, correct porosity and rebuild any weak areas in the hair with the use of amino acids, sugar cane cysteine, and AHA (citrus based glycolic acid). Cysteine offers a deeper level of repair at the cortex and strengthens the bonds in the hair. Keratin molecules are too large to penetrate the hair so they only fit in the cuticle and offer a better cosmetic appearance of the hair but does not restore the hair internally. Our formula also has a host of yummy ingredients like shea butter, argan oil, and acai oil that helps to add that missing suppleness and moisture I was experiencing with other treatments. 

We have been able to help stylists create customized care and manage texture safely and gently so that customers who want different levels of control with their hair can have more than one option within our system. Our traditional application can offer up to 50% curl reduction, our maximum reduction offers up to 70% curl reduction and our curl softener techniques allows for smoothing of the cuticle layer without the reduction of curls, this allows for natural curls to be more defined and reduces frizz. We can use these same products to create customized restorative cocktails treatments that doesn’t reduce curl but offers corrective care, rebalances moisture and protein levels, and corrects porosity. This product gives stylists the power and confidence to manage texture and care for hair safely with products that deliver results and it can only be purchased by licensed professionals to ensure the services are being delivered only by certified licensed professionals.  

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