Why Your Hair Needs Moisture

What is moisture and how is it essential to your hair? 


Moisture is essential for bringing balance to hair. Unlike protein, moisture is not a natural component of hair. It is something we add to hair to keep it soft enough to manage and enhances the appearance of the hair. Protein is part of the composition of hair and is also essential to the hair's strength and structure. Moisture helps to keep the strands soft while protein keeps them strong. Healthy hair is a balance of both. Whenever you feel that your hair is missing strength you should add protein, when you feel it is lacking moisture you should add moisturizing products. In some instances, if the styling products are not helping the hair retain moisture, it's a sign that the hair is deficient in protein as well. This can be corrected by offering a restorative treatment that offers protein and moisture. When there is no strength in the hair, then it cannot retain moisture no matter what you do.

Oil is not moisture! I know many may think it is, but it is not. Oil is a lubricant. It reduces friction and allows for ease of style. Although it enhances the appearance of dry hair, it doesn't correct dryness. That can only be done with humectants (moisture retaining products) and protein to correct the hair.

For example, if your car was damaged in a wreck and you took it in for a wax job,  without repair you will leave with a shiny wrecked car. A wax job, although it enhances the appearance it does not correct the damage. The car will not look its best until it's repaired. 

I think so many people equate oily to moisturized because of the appearance when in fact if you are using oil for dryness it's just a temporary Band-Aid. Dry hair needs water not oil. We water our plants when they look parched, we drink water when we are thirsty, we do not drink oil for thirst but for movement.

Avoid "over-moisturizing" your hair, we cannot be so obsessed with soft hair that we over-soften it. This can happen with steaming the hair too often which over swells the cuticle, sleeping in conditioners, and wearing wet buns or ponytails that do not allow the hair to dry.

Yes, too much moisture without the balance of protein can over soften your hair and make it weak and shed. The key is BALANCE.

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