Workout Hair

It's the New Year and many of us have renewed our fitness goals. But many women struggle with maintaining their style and keeping steadfast with their workouts especially if you wear your hair straight daily. Well we can't prevent sweating, it's a part of the bodies way of regulating your temperature. So we have put together a few tips to help you.

1. Opting for natural carefree or wash n go styles if you are more low maintenance.

2. To keep your silk press on point, make sure to wear a cool cotton headband or scarf to absorb any sweat. 

3. Roller sets, flexi rods, and twist outs are easy styles to maintain  while working out.

4. Braids are a great alternative as long as they are tension free and you cleanse your scalp regularly. 

5. Ensure your hair is cleansed weekly to eliminate sebum and sweat buildup from your scalp, resulting in fresh and clean hair. Similar to how you wash your body daily, after a week of buildup, your scalp may develop a smell and the acidity from the sebum can lead to increased itching.

6. For a more elongated style, consider cleansing and blow drying your hair and then twisting, setting, or braiding. It dries quicker when you apply styling foam or cream to dry hair vs hair that is not dried first and it gives a more elongated look.

7. If you're all about that silk press look, why not switch it up and go for a twist out next week? It'll give you some groovy body waves and keep the style going strong.

8. If you need help managing your texture and want to prevent reversion and swelling or Taming Treatment offered by salon professionals can help safely give you the versatility with your texture without harsh ingredients. Helps to reduce frizz and protect hair.

9. Last but not least, accessorize your look with hats and scarves or upgrade you ponytail with a clip-ons, braided buns, draw strings pony tails, or wigs to get you from office to event. Have fun but don't compromise hair healthy when doing so. Keep a healthy hair regimen to nurture your hair in the process.

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