A Texture Softening and Reconditioning Treatment


Safely get the softening and manageability many desire without compromising your curls. 

What is it? This system is cream based softening and reconditioning treatment designed to give you  healthier, silkier, and softer hair. 
Similar to our professional salon Taming Treatment we have modified it so that we can allow you to experience similar results at home. Our Taming Treatment reduces curls safely yielding permanent reduction up to 60% while maintaining the integrity of the hair. The Silkening Treatment has been modified to give you all the strengthening, bond repair, correct porosity and restore moisture levels in the hair for more healthier and silkier hair, curly or straight. This treatment will not reduce curls, but gently softens the strands for a smoother and shinier finish. This helps fight reversion for longer lasting silk press and blowout styles or if you don’t style your hair with heat more frizz free, defined curls, and hair responds better to your styling product.



How? Our premium ingredients are able to penetrate the cortex, the inner parts of the hair to correct weak and broken areas, refill and rebuild the strand, second it rebalances the porosity. Porosity plays a big part in how your hair retains moisture and responds to styling services. Instead of piling heavy products on the hair to fight this we use science to correct the strand, lower the porosity to rebalance the hair. Last but not least one of our active ingredients sugarcane cysteine safe seals and softens the cuticle to lock in all that goodness. This treatment is heat activated to get the softening results and requires the use of a blow dryer and flat iron with a single pass option, but for customers that do not wear straight styles can still benefit by using the blow dryer only. Details are in the instructions.

This treatment is temporary and the results are visible and last for up to 10 to 12 weeks when sealed in and using our recommended maintenance regimen or 6-8 weeks when not sealed in on our curly clients. It also helps to reduce reversion and fight humidity. Once the treatment wears off there is no demarcation line so you don’t have to worry about growing it out.  But you will want to experience the results again.

The Silkening System is botanical based and our active ingredients are amino acids for strengthening, sugarcane cysteine for softening and sealing, and alpha hydroxy for correcting the porosity and is delivered in a cream base with other nourishing ingredients like acai oil, argan oil, cocoa butter, aloe vera, vitamins A, D, and E that nourishes, protects, and contributes to the softness and natural shine left in the hair. It contains no formaldehyde or its producing agents.

This treatment was designed with textured hair in mind. The creator, a licensed cosmetologist and healthy hair expert of over 30 years has had extensive experience with many of the top smoothing and keratin treatments on the market and she found what were missing in all of them for her clients which were predominantly women of color or women with thick frizzy to coily hair was the added benefit of moisture and porosity correcting ingredients. Textured hair comes in an array of density and curl patterns and many customers are looking for some form of control without conforming and compromising their curl. Silkier and softened curls reduce knotting, tangles, and frizz which reduces split ends and breakage and increases length retention. This treatment is was created exclusively for and  used in her salon for years with her clients during her signature #lasilkpress services and kept her clients hair in optimum health. The Silkening Treatment allows for a consumer to have the best of both worlds if desired with salon quality products they can use at home to get the results they desire.  The Silkening treatment is based on the same science and ingredients as the Taming Treatment but has been modified for consumer use and reduces the texture altering abilities and just delivers the reconditioning and softening results. This is to fool proof and simplify the process for consumers with a simple three step application.