SilkOut Hair Care System

Detox (2oz sample)

$8 $10

Charcoal and Clay Cleanser 

Removes toxins, odor and purifies pores.

Reduces inflammation. For scalp and body.

Charcoal   Kaolin Clay   

Aloe  Camellia Seed Oil 

Usage: Rinse are to be treated. Apply to scalp, face or body. Gently massage in to exfoliate dead skin. Allow to sit for 3- 5 minutes to detox the skin. Rinse and re-apply lather, massage and rinse. Follow with SilkOut conditioner of choice.

Charcoal and clay detox cleanser purifies pores for healthy follicles,  exfoliates skin, neutralizes odor and removes toxins. Great on skin, hair, and beards. 

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