SilkOut Hair Care System

Soothing Line (Final Inventory)

$2 $24

Sold individually.

Treat dry and itchy scalp with our Soothing line

8oz Tea Tree and Lavender Peppermint cleansing and conditioning that won't dry the hair out, cleanse scalp and helps control sebum and dandruff with regular use. Soothing Conditioner, great for shaving also.

Removes excess oils and sebum from the scalp. Soothes dry and itchy scalp. Leaves scalp and skin feeling cool and clean. Usage: Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water and apply wash. Lather and massage into scalp and manipulate to help remove debris. Allow to sit on for up to 3 minutes to absorb excess sebum. Massage and rinse. Proceed with Soothing Conditioner. 

2oz Calming Oil, peppermint and almond oil to sooth the itch and stimulate follicles.

2oz Calming Balm peppermint styling pomade to control itch and inflammation great for dry patchs, hair line, and grooming.


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