SilkOut Hair Care System

Ultimate Repair Bundle

$99 $142

This Bundle includes everything you need to get started on your healthy hair bundle. Cleanse and conditioning according to our Healthy Hair regimen and see results instant results. Complete the regimen to ensure they are long lasting and keep your hair in its best healthy.

  • (Balance Wash and SilkOut Serum 2oz)
  • Repair Duo ( 8oz Revive and KeraMask)
  • Cordless Conditioning Cap
  • Start with a clean hair, it is best for getting proper absorption of conditioner in the hair We recommend our Clarity or Balance Wash.
  • Towel dry hair and lightly section in to enough sections for you to manage, 4-6.
  • Apply Revive to the hair and distribute evenly combing through each section.
  • Without rinsing Revive apply KeraMask on top and distribute evenly throughout the hair.
  • Work the conditioner in the hair using downward strokes from root are to ends.
  • Place a plastic cap on and use heat for 15-30 minutes,. If you don't have a dryer try our cordless conditioning cap. Allow to cool for 5 minutes and then rinse with tepid to cool water. Towel dry, and proceed to style.
  • Do this weekly for 30 days. Avoid getting chemical services during this time, the goal is to strengthen and restore the hair.
  • After the first treatment you will feel the difference, but we recommend at least 4 treatments in the first 30 days to have a compound effect.
  • After 30 days, you can use the Balance Conditioner for maintenance and retreat your hair at least once a month with the deep treatment. If extremely damaged, twice a month for an additional month and then once a month should help you maintain the health. Always use this treatment after any chemical service to renourish the hair.
  • If you experience any dryness in between treatments use the KeraMask to soften hair for about 10-15 minutes with heat.

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