Benefits of Using Oil

What are the benefits of oil in hair care? Good question....

For years oil has been promoted as the end all be all of hair care.  In my entire thirty years as a service provider oil was rarely the solution, especially growth.

Sorry but its true.... many are looking for something magical to happen, just because a product says growth on the bottle but has nothing scientific to substantiate why. It's easy to lose hair from poor hair practice and the correct the practice and the hair will restore itself, if in all that's where the hair loss is coming from. But hypothetically if you don't know what type of hair loss you have you don't know if oil is your solution.

When I say oil is rarely a solution if it all is because what I know to be true about hair is that it is comprised of an host of amino acids and protein types that create a strand of hair. When the hair is weak, it needs more of what it's made of... protein and when the hair is dry the hair needs moisture. Oil offers neither... it may cosmetically appear healthier, but oily doesn't mean healthy, and dry doesn't mean hair needs oil. Dry hair needs moisture and if the hair can't retain moisture its due to a lack of protein in which it will need a combination of both. Which is why the LOC and LCO experiments which claim to seal in moisture. Oil doesn't seal, it can  coat your hair and block your follicles. But remember if you coat your hair that is damaged then you block the block the ability for your hair to absorb the essential protein and moisture needed to nourish and repair hair. It's similar to taking your car that was damaged in an accident and instead of getting it repaired you chose to get a wax job... now you have a shiny damaged care. Nothing was repaired.

So what is oil good for... oil is a lubricant, it makes things move easier and yes they can have nourishing properties. It helps control fizz, can soothe scalp dryness and increase circulation... but not all oils. Most oils offer no absorption rate... they sit on top of your hair and roll off to your skin clothes, pillows etc.  You want to choose oils with a low molecular weight and are transdermal, meaning the actually have the ability to absorb beneath the skin for intended use. Stay way from saturated fatty oils that can clog the follicles and contribute to hair loss. When you find these heavier oils in products, they have been processed specifically so that you get the nutrients that are beneficial but you don't get the unnecessary byproducts that are not conducive to hair care.

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