Secrets To an Amazing Silk Press

Silk Press Season is here... but is your silk press silky?

Here are our secrets:

Secret #1

The condition of the hair is key to the results your get. Meaning your hair should always be conditioned on a deeper level to maintain restore protein and moisture levels and correct porosity. Why??? Because hair needs protein for strength, moisture for softness, and the porosity should be corrected or over porous to help the hair retain moisture and be more manageable whether curly or straight. At SilkOut System we highly recommend our Silkening Treatment to get the hair in tip top shape for best silk press results. 

Secret #2 

Protect... no not a protective style but using products that properly protect the hair from heat and helps to retain moisture as a leave-in. That would be our SilkOut Serum... it's like hot sauce... we put it on everything from straight to curly styles. It is our number one retail item on our site after our BlowOut Brush. Add a quarter size to your next blowout of style and experience the difference. 

Secret #3

Manage your heat. Not everyone needs 450 degrees of heat on their hair. The key is proper preparation. If you follow the first two secrets your hair will be in better shape and won't need aggressive heat when silkening with a flat iron. But make sure you do an effective blow dry. Use tension and stretch the hair for a smoother finish, this will allow you to use less heat when straightening your hair. Also for added body, if you are going to straighten and then curl, take larger sections when straightening since will use heat twice and even large sections when curling and pin curl to set the hair. 

If you need help finding stylist to help you with your hair see our salon locator a SilkOut Pro near you.

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I’m a lic. Stylist/ Salon owner in Durham NC. Do you have a Salon price list?

My # is 919-949-5592

Jaz February 20, 2023

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