Why Won't My Hair Grow

Have you ever felt like no matter what you do your hair won't grow? I've heard this in my career from frustrated clients. Most women want longer stronger hair and they want it yesterday. Well, if we could sell that we would.. and they do. It's called hair extensions... just kidding, but seriously many women are convinced that their hair won't grow when in most cased it is not true. Their are several things that contribute to hair growth... genetics, health, and lifestyle.

Genetics play a huge part in the density, length, color, and texture of your hair. Being that you are created from at least four bloodlines their will be some variation between the offspring.


Lifestyle consist of several factors. First what are your style choices and do they involve tension or over manipulation of the hair?  Do you see a salon professional regularly for care or do you have regimen at home to properly care for your hair and is it effective? Are you using chemicals that can unbalance the condition of your hair? All of these play a role in the life span of your hair. 

When you say your hair won't grow I expect to see alopecia in which no hair is present due to an underlying medical reason that needs to be addressed. But if you have hair on your head and you are not seeing length it is a sign of poor hair habits and possible deficiency in nutrition. 

Each strand of your hair is attached to a follicle below the skin in which the hair grows from. Each follicle is connected to a blood supply and receives nutrients from your red blood cells. As your body regenerates cells every 23-72 hours and this is what causes the hair to grow. You ever heard of a 5:00 shadow, it's a term men that shave in the morning by evening they have a shadow of hair on their head or beard from this cellular activity. So as long as hair is attached to your body by the follicle it is constantly getting a blood supply that contributes to growth.

Reasons you may not be seeing length is because you are not retaining it. Meaning the hair is growing but damage or poor styling choices cause it to break at the same rate of growth if not sooner. So it will appear is if it's not growing, when if fact it needs some care. Similar to those that say their nails don't grow but they bite them every day. Deep conditioning and a trim to remove damage will reset and get you on a path to results.


If in fact you have great hair habits then consider your nutrition. Yes what you eat plays a huge role in the quality of hair our body produces. Many times our bodies can lack essential vitamins and minerals found in the foods we eat that can enhance circulation in the scalp, combat inflammation a leading cause of hair loss, and give your body the cellular support needed to produce healthy tissue, hair being one. Although it is a non essential tissue as women our hair is an attribute to our beauty and many desire to have it long and healthy.

Vitamins A,B's including biotin, C, D, zinc, folic acid, and calcium are important to cellular healthy which supports healthy hair, nails, and skin. Did you know vitamin B12 is not derived from a plant based diet? If you are not one who eats tons of raw veggies I'm sure you can use additional nutritional support to help your body fight off free radicals, keep hormones balanced, and produce quality hair. Your hair may be growing slower than normal but with the right supplements your can get that blood circulation and delivering high potent nutrients to the follicle to produce the strongest strands possible. 

Beware of get thick quick offers, and fast super hair growth. Realistically hair grow about .35 - .5 inches a month. The most growth to be expected is about 6 inches a year give or take an inch and that's due to genetics. Scientifically it is not possible to speed up the growth of hair without speeding up your bodies cellular rate, and that's not healthy. When taking supplements you want to give yourself 30 days to see how you feel, 90 days to start seeing results, and 6 months to experience the effect from the new hair growing. Your hair outside of the follicle is dead so it won't be enhanced by the supplements, you will need to treat that separately with treatments designed to rebuild the strands. 

As for longer hair, that is a result of strong hair that is healthy and being nurtured on a consistent basis so that you can retain length as it grows out. Just as many of us would love a flat tummy over night we must do the work and created the habits to get the results we desire. 

In closing, yes your hair is growing if in fact it is on your head... the question is are you giving it the support and care it needs to see the length you desire?

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