SilkOut Hair Care System

BlowOut Brush

$40 $100


BlowOut Brush is a one-step dryer that gives you manageable hair with ease of style. The unique design combines powerful airflow while making hair easier to manage. Drying your hair will be effortless and can be done in half the time. The lightweight design is easy to use and protects hair against heat damage while eliminating static. You can use it for managing hair in the salon or at home.

This appliance is intended for household use only.

This appliance is designed for safety and performance.

Styling and Usage Tips

● Towel-dry well to remove excess water from hair.
● Always section hair before drying into enough sections that make handling more manageable.
● Detangle first with a large comb or brush.
● Use the low setting for fine fragile hair and the high setting for thick coarse hair.
● The cool setting is to set and seal the hair after drying to prevent reversion.
● Start at ends if hair tangles easy, work your way up to root area.
● For coarse hair you can apply tension in the root area to help smooth and stretch the hair out.
● Always turn off the dryer after each use.
● Practice precaution when using with or around children.

This appliance is equipped with a thermostat that may cycle OFF if the airflow becomes blocked and the device overheats. Allow device to cool down before reusing. Do not use this device in a tub or shower. Keep device and paddle free of hair and debris after each use. DO NOT wash in or submerge in water. DO NOT attempt to repair device, it has non-user-serviceable parts. Do not store near children. Never wrap the cord around the appliance or apply tension or stress to cord. SilkOut System does not have a service center, however, if your appliance is still under the one-year warranty against defect, electrical, and mechanical parts only within normal use.


  • Never leave dryer unattended when plugged in around children.
  • Use this appliance only as intended by the manufacturer.
  • Never operate if damaged or if it is not working properly.
  • Do not use if dropped in water.
  • NEVER block the airways of paddle and keep free of lint, hair, and debris.
  • Never insert any object into vent or paddle of brush.
  • Do not use with an extension cord.
  • Do not use outside or while aerosol is being administered.
  • Do not direct air towards eyes or face.
  • Do not add any attachments or alter device in any manner.
  • Do not operate with a voltage converter.
  • Keep free-flowing hair away from air intake.



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